One Light, Off Camera Flash Shootout

Since Godox introduced their 2.4Ghz ‘X system’, it’s been possible to use one set of strobes, triggered by two completely different camera systems. So for this test, I wanted to use a common lighting set up and pitch my favourite MFT portrait lens against my favourite full frame portrait lens, and compare the results.

For this shoot I packed the following:-


1 light stand

1 Godox AD200 with bare bulb head

1 Godox Ad-S7 Multi-functional Softbox

1 Godox Bowens S Type adaptor

Nikon D750 with Sigma 135mm f1.8 ART Lens

Godox X1-TN (wireless transmitter, Nikon fit)

Olympus OMD E-M1 with Olympus 75mm f1.8 Lens

Godox X1-TO (wireless transmitter, Olympus fit)

I chose the Salt Lake near Larnaca in Cyprus at sunset as the setting for this brief test. The Olympus 75mm (when the 2x crop is taken into account) is close to the angle of view of the 135mm Sigma, but I re-positioned myself so the field of view was as close as possible. The Godox AD200 was mounted at about 45 degrees and camera right, and not moved between shots.

The model is Georgia

CyprusE-M1 with 75mm f1.8 @ISO100, 1/2000s, f1.8 / AD200 on HSS (High Speed Sync) & TTL


CyprusD750 with Sigma 135mm f1.8 ART  @ISO50, 1/2000s, f1.8 / AD200 on HSS and TTL

The results are very similar, showing that the Olympus can run its full frame counterpart very close.  When viewed at 100% crop, inevitably the larger sensor produces a cleaner, clearer image. But for most uses, I am losing very little by using the Olympus, and gaining quite a bit in terms of weight saving and bulk.

The ability to use professional strobes at consumer prices really does allow Olympus users to punch above their weight.

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